About Us

NW Athletic Center serves as an indoor training facilities where children in the Northwest benefit from clinics, camps, and lessons put forth by professionals.  Our training facility serves as a Spring practice alternative for teams and clubs, as we see inclement weather in the Northwest nearly eight months out of the year.

NW Sports Management Group (NWSMG) is the foundation of the NW Athletic Center and all that it entails. NWSMG was founded in 2008 by Major League Baseball Player Agent Nik Lubisich, and it serves as a locally-based baseball agency representing professionals from across the Northwest. Nik’s love of baseball and passion to help kids of all ages is what motivates him to invest so much of his time with his youth programs. NW Futures and NWSMG complement each other greatly as children in the Northwest receive unique exposure to both professionals and how they go about their business, along with individually tailored training to improve the unique skill set of each child who steps into our facilities.